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We have procured and installed numerous Ateco products in several locations including Algeria, Liberia, Benin, Somalia, Nigeria and Mozambique to mention a few. The products have been confirmed to be of the highest quality obtainable in the industry and have performed excellently well in service.

Alex Okpala, PhD

Turret Engineering Services Ltd

“Working with ATECO as partner in our EPC projects where ATECO offers the best quality products in the Industry. A real value addition with a state of art manufacturing facilities, probably ATECO is only company which provides wide range of products. We will always recommend ATECO products to end users given reliability and value for money”

Sanjiv V. D’souza

Litany Energy Head of Operations Asia Pacific Division – Onshore/Offshore

“Good product,great quality, quickly fabrication and great production facility.”

Jorge Bendeck

American Pump And Supply Company INC.

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Case Studies

Case Studies

This case study was conducted with DSM and TankSystems, (an Ateco company) as the two companies worked together to develop the renovation solution for repairing…
ATECO Convert 123 - Units Conversion Software

ATECO Convert 123 - Units Conversion Software

ATECO Convert 123 is our unit conversions calculation software for converting between hundreds of different units of length, area, mass, weight, flow rate, volume, power,…
Standars &  Regulatory

Standars & Regulatory

Standars Below are some of the more relevant standards that influence the design selection and maintenance of tank related equipment. Ateco cannot provide these standards…
Product Selection & Design

Product Selection & Design

Ateco has over three and a half decades of history helping clients choose the best equipment for their application. Many considerations go into our process…